Ms Jensen Chen

Ms, that's how my National Geographic subscription addresses me. I'm really a guy, a man-wannabe at least.

I see things, you see things, so let's see if we see the same things from the same things. You getch me?
Posts I Like

Specimen: Kabuto
Worth: USD 100 @ Japan (at Kimberly Clark Kluang Mill, Malaysia)

How do I not get fat? (at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, De Garden)

The legacy.

There is something magical about this haircut, I look 5 years younger.

1. I have a sister @ceciniapipilia, a very evil one
2. I have a wonderful brother in Christ @adickson0616
3. Im in office but im not working
4. I used to love sleep but life is never fair
5. I ran marathons
6. But im fat now
7. Im a hands on person
8. I like dealing with things and solving problems
9. Im not a people person, not really
10. I like the trilogy: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach
11. This. Has. To. Stop. I give up, time for lunch.

Hmn… (at KL Sentral)

Who ah…

How long does it take to shower?

Yes, I still do love long hard things.

at Justderiss Cafe

Thanks for the Mocking Jay. Yes I need the odds to get in line :p

Causing loads of jealousy around the neighbourhood…

Love, in the form of pretzels. Guys and girls, dun jeles k… Thanks nat! (at HIGARD (M) SDN. BHD.)

Here we goooooo!

Terrorist found :) (at Ipoh Town)