Ms Jensen Chen

Ms, that's how my National Geographic subscription addresses me. I'm really a guy, a man-wannabe at least.

I see things, you see things, so let's see if we see the same things from the same things. You getch me?
Posts I Like

Terrorist found :) (at Ipoh Town)

The egg stood, not on dunno what day, but today! (at Shabu Shabu Steamboat)

Well done, Malaysians. (at KL Festival City Mall, Setapak)

A bunch of unhealthy stuff for a healthy Saturday

A big bear hug to the first person who can read this. Probably saying that im fat or smth though.

One step at a time, we move forward. (at HIGARD (M) SDN. BHD.)

It can’t be happening in Ipoh too right… (at PLUS ( highway utara selatan))

Humans are the bridge between the natural and the un-natural. The world tilts with our decisions.

Twin sisters (at Salam Corner)

1144pm, and the sun is still partly cloudy. I guess android knows astrology too!

Malau 变出来的! (at El Sanctuary)

Bluetooth controlled portable speaker. Wonder of the camp.

Guy, pls dont get cheated and go eating “brekkie meal”. It looks so small its… haiz…

Cho ko la tie

Fatty bom bom